how do you know if a keyword is competitive?

Determining if a keyword is competitive or not involves analyzing various factors related to that keyword and its search landscape. Here are some key indicators to consider when assessing the competitiveness of a keyword:

Search Volume: Check the average monthly search volume for the keyword. Higher search volumes often indicate more competition because many people are searching for that term.

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Analysis: Look at the search results for the keyword. Are the top results from authoritative websites, big brands, or well-established domains? If so, it’s likely a competitive keyword.

Domain Authority: Consider the domain authority of the websites ranking for the keyword. Websites with higher domain authority tend to rank better and may target competitive keywords.

Backlinks: Check the number and quality of backlinks to the top-ranking pages for the keyword. Strong backlink profiles suggest higher competition.

Paid Advertising: If there are many paid ads shown for the keyword in search results, it indicates that businesses are actively competing for that keyword through paid search campaigns.

Content Quality: Evaluate the quality of content ranking for the keyword. Highly competitive keywords often have well-optimized, comprehensive, and valuable content.

Niche Specificity: Highly specific or long-tail keywords may have less competition compared to broad, general keywords.

Industry and Market: Consider the industry or market you are targeting. Some industries are more competitive than others, and certain keywords may be highly sought after.

Seasonality: Some keywords may be more competitive during specific seasons or events.

To gauge keyword competitiveness effectively, you can use various SEO tools and keyword research platforms. These tools often provide data on search volume, competition level, and other relevant metrics that can help you make informed decisions about which keywords to target for your SEO or advertising strategies. Keep in mind that keyword competitiveness can change over time, so it’s essential to regularly review and update your keyword research.


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